A US Army Veteran, Business Degree, Decades in Business Management, finance, marketing and sales. I'm Running because this district has been neglected for decades by our elected officials. Our Property Tax problem is a problem that our elected officials don't even want to talk about. The property Tax Problem is my Top Priority. I have a plan and I will Fix this problem for us. I live 3 miles out of Long Prairie and still don't have High speed internet. To this day, we have families going to McDonalds parking lot so the children can finish their homework. We can't grow as a community until we fix the basics. These are a few of the issues here that needs to be fixed. I plan on fixing them for us. The current 2 party system doesn't care for us, they haven't for decades. We all deserve to live in comfort, the way we choose and not be taxed out of our houses. No one is going to save us, we have to save ourselves. If we keep voting the same way we have, we will get the same results.